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La-Z-Boy Asia launched the La-Z-Boy All Black Series across Asia
25/08/2022 16:15:18

Date: 24 Aug 2022
Venue: La-Z-Boy Asia

La-Z-Boy Asia reinforces its leadership in the global furniture and reclining chair market with the launch of "La-Z-Boy All Black Series…The Ultimate Style” for the first time across Asia. This latest series has a modern look to reflect the tastes of successful new generations and provide elegance that can fit in every room.


Mr. Ratharuj Manaswatcharapong - General Manager of La-Z-Boy Asia Co., Ltd. commented that black is a classic and timeless color in the fashion industry. In addition, the target group of this product is high-end customers who were once Baby Boomers and who now have high incomes and more purchasing power, as well as financially independent Millennials. The company saw opportunities in expanding its customer base to these groups and, therefore, launched the La-Z-Boy All Black Series… The Ultimate Style”, the latest series of reclining chairs, across Asia. It was inspired by distinct qualities of the black colors sobriety, boldness, timeless smartness, strength, confidence and individuality of the successful young generation. Emotional Marketing and Customer Journey were prioritized for the first time to cater to the lifestyles of successful youth who prefer products and services that match their tastes, meet their satisfaction and provide values. Home decor items are selected to express their identity, so they will choose furniture that is unique and premium, including the neat design and sophisticated elements that look simply minimal but perfectly elegant. At the same time, the products quality is a significant brand identity, so only excellent quality materials are used in the rigorous manufacture of state-of-the-art furniture.


All seven models of the La-Z-Boy All Black Series…The Ultimate Style” can meet the needs of consumers of all ages in terms of tastes, elegance and functionality. Models 520 Norman, 532 Harbor Town, 533 Charleston, 335 Aspire, 360 Ethan, 512 Pinnacle and 521 James can elegantly match every style of room decoration, whether it is modern, minimal, or contemporary. They are remarkably complementary to office space, living room, or bedroom. Every piece of each model is perfectly assembled from the best materials. The quality black leathers from Brazil and Vietnam are soft and smooth, easy to care for, and incredibly durable, matching perfectly with the oak base or steel legs. When you touch it and try it, you will know immediately that it is made from special and premium materials that are just for you.”

“The company is confident that "La-Z-Boy All Black Series" will be a crucial strategy to expand the company's customer base in Asia, reinforcing its leadership in furniture and recliners in Asia. From this campaign, sales are expected to grow by 20% from the same period last year,” GM said.


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